KATE & LUCAwhite villa wedding inspiration in Mykonos

The constantly shifting palette of skies over the Cycladic archipelago is probably one of the reasons we can’t get enough of Mykonos! The vistas from the white cabana clad ridges fanning out across the island of the winds are yet another. And when it comes to a summer wedding inspiration dreamt up by a superb array of visionaries, our passion for finer things finds the perfect niche in the most idyllic Mykonian villa. Like a fine symphony our talented vendors orchestrated a superb editorial for your inspiration in three moves and we’d like to thank everyone who went beyond  their talents and abilities to conceive and style this wonderful summer shoot for us to capture!

Adagio – The Bridal Boudoir

Contrasting the bold stonewall architecture of the Aegean with soft, fluid textures, romantic peplums and summer flowering belles, the first few moments of a bride under the slip of her veil reveal an irresistibly slow notation of her allure. Effortlessly romantic touches, delicate notes, and prim accents create for our sun-kissed bride the languid space to indulge in her own beauty and relish the moments before her betrothal. Vulnerability blends with anticipation, longing with statement femininity, luxury with simplicity, could this fusion be any more compelling?

Andante – The Wedding Portraits

The first look, the  moment when a groom gets to look at his bride in her gown for the first time, and then, right after the ceremony, when the two get some alone time before heading to their wedding reception, the way a couple communicates their love when no one is watching are moments we cherish and never rush through! Kate and Lucas’ portraits, easy and relaxing, perfectly illustrate how stunning a couple looks when they focus on one another and allow for the feelings of the day to emerge, telling their story for years to come. Impossible not to fall in love with their elegance accented by the minimalist Mykonian backdrop and the soft summer light that transformed the panorama and the facade of their villa into an impressionist painting.

Allegretto – The Wedding Reception

Lush, fragrant and with the perfect punch of personality our couple’s reception evokes all the panache of summer and ushers the sophistication Mykonos as a wedding destination calls for. Maintaining a clean, romantic perspective with a floral adorned arched chandelier, chic furnishings, antique mirror reflections and lanterns, the talented team of designers walked away from the comfort zone of pinks with a sunshine-filled palette of sweet yellows, ivory, cloud blues and sage greens. The marigold-colored florals complemented the pops of gold throughout the gorgeous reception, wonderfully showcasing how versatile a blazing color like this can be!


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