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Encouraged to pursue our artistic talents by family members whose interests ranged from experimental analog photography to the tactile practice of painting, we both started with film photography moving into the digital space and now use both media interchangeably. As we explored the field of our career in more detail we found that wedding photography suited us and our desire to not only capture emotions but to deeply connect with people.

Our curious and adventurous natures brought us to from the metropolis of Poland to the charming island of Crete sixteen years ago. Island living agreed with us – we felt energized, we were outdoors for the most part of our days and we had the space to nurture our artistic talents and curiosities. Sprinkle on a handful of romance due to our recent engagement and everything clicked. It had been our mission as artists to not only to pursue our artistic passions in a professional context but to create a life for ourselves that we could view as our own personal masterpiece.



At the very core of our photographs are people and their unique stories. The connection we make with each individual couple is the impetus of our work. Using an approach based in fine art photography we build on that relationship and consider how light and the natural environment influence the mood and ambience of a photograph. Shooting from an inclusive point of view – rather than excluding the subtleties of emotion – we aim to satisfy all of the senses. Our work has been described as ethereal and romantic – much like the Greek Islands where we are based.

Despite being a two dimensional medium, a photograph has the ability to engage the viewer completely – bringing them back to a time and place in history. A well composed image has the power to evoke the day’s sounds, aroma and emotions. We are honored to preserve a unique piece of history and give our clients the opportunity to return to those moments again and again feeling them in their entirety.


We are based in the island of Crete and travel wherever our clients’ hearts and stories take them. The Greek Islands have unlimited potential as a wedding destination and as a backdrop to life’s special moments. The quality of light, varied natural textures and tones of the environment all play an important role in capturing the feeling of the moment.

It has been a dream come true for us to travel and do what we love. In addition to shooting in Crete we have been fortunate to be of service to our clients in such lovely places as Santorini, Mykonos, Hydra, Paros, Kalamata and Athens. It is truly a pleasure for us to share your special day with you whatever location you choose.

Get in touch with us straight away, you may just be the kind of Couple we’d love to work with during this amazing time of our lives!



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